Golf cart wheels!! non stock!! (Deal of the year!!!)


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We have a LARGE quantity of the following wheels with a few wheel tire combos. We are selling them at $50 a piece but will sell a set of four for $160!! We will not pay for shipping but we can help to arrange transportation. The tire wheel combos we are selling for $500 and that is only while supplies last. Please send me a direct message if interested.
we have the following sizes/ colors
black chrome 10x7 20190905_083048.jpg

black and blue 14x720190905_082426.jpg

black and white 14x720190905_082731.jpg

red and black 14x7 and 12x7 20190904_113545.jpg

blue and white 12x7 20190904_114530.jpg

black matte with tire 12x720190904_114953.jpg