Golf Cart - Urban Assault Vehicle

Is everyone familiar with Airsoft Guns? They're like BB guns but shoot softer plastic balls. There is a group of about 15 neighborhood boys that have airsoft wars at the park by the house. Some of these kids have full auto aursoft pistols. Pretty fun stuff.

Anywho, just got done doing drive-by's on the Golf Cart - Urban Assault Vehicle with my two neighbor kids on group of buddies walking to the park for thier air soft war this evening. What a hoot that was. Our first pass was before we got to the park and nailed them pretty good. The next pas, I went to the parking lot to make sure there was no Rangers about. I killed the lights and coasted down hill behind some bushes & we waited. I actually let them walk by us by about 20' before we fired up the cart and lit them up again.


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Man I was just thinking ,"is there anyone who plays airsoft besides me on this forum?"
I have a Taylor Dunn burden carrier project that i am working on. I hope to make it into a airsoft troop carrier. It was electric but when I got it. But, someone had already stripped all the parts but the rear end witch looks like a ford 9" narrowed.
it did have a motor on it but it was rusted beyond repair. I am trying to convert it to a gas power wagon. I have a 12 hp B&S ic runs strong and sounds like a chopper engine. I will have change the rear end out and custom make it a swing arm type. with a 4"-6" lift so the engine can clear the bed. I will start a thread for it soon. I have had to replace alot of the frame and I still have the fiberglass cab for it too. It looks like a little truck with the cab on it. Anyway good to see some other airsoft peps on this forum.....