Golf Cart to Pull Shuttle Trailer


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We are considering building a shuttle trailer to seat six people to be pulled by a golf cart for shuttling people from the back of the parking lot to the worship center of the church. The distance is only about 300 yards so that the total distance driven per service would be no more than 4 miles max and we have two services per Sunday. The paved surface is almost level with the exception of a section of 40 feet or so up to the covered portico which is about a 1-2 percent grade. The total weight of the trailer including people should be no more than 2000 lbs.

Based on the performance of my personal Western (Ez Go) 42 volt cart I believe a standard cart should serve the purpose. Does that seem reasonable t you guys who know far more than I about cart performance. Also, would we be better off with a 36 or 48 volt cart, or does it even matter.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Bob King


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It should work fine. IMO, a series cart would be best for your application. They have more starting torque and are generally easier to troubleshoot and repair.
Look at the controller under the seat, if it has a run/tow switch that is not a series cart.
36v is the standard for EZGO in those years.
If anything, you may have to upgrade the controller and cables but all else should be OK.
I'd be looking for an EZGO from 1997 to 2005, most golf courses used series carts.