golf cart tach?

Well I got the tach and hour meter.
It has an internal battery so one wire is all it has. That wire gets wrapped around the plug wire 3 or 4 times and it senses the current as it passes through to ignite the gas in the cylinder.
It has four settings from what I see. To cycle through the settings, hold the S1 button for about 4 seconds and it will start to flash 01, then 02, then 03, and finally 04. 01 is for an ignition that fires twice per revolution and is the way it is set when it's shipped. 02 is for once per revolution, and 03 is for every other revolution. I have a 4 stroke Briggs so my setting is 03. 04 is hour meter only. Let go of the S1 button when it gets to your desired setting. The hour meter allows you to set maintenance intervals, but I have not yet fiddled with that.

My experience with it is that it works, but is a little slow to react. It lags about a good second. But for general purposes it's a good tach for the cheap price. I got this one shipped for $16.99.

Greetings, I installed two electro mechanical tachs which I purchased on ebay and installed on two golf carts. One of the tachs was from a John Deere snowmobile and the other was from a Tiger Shark jet ski. Both were brand new NOS and cost about $15.00 each. Easy install and looks great. Also a nice feature is that their water resistant and they also light up.