Golf Cart Steering Stabilizer


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A steering stabilizer is a low cost way to improve the safety of any golf cart. I have seen them for sale on some lift kits, but it would'nt be hard to fab one for any cart. A stabilizer can prevent the sudden loss of control and the over corection from the steering when the cart is operating on uneven terrain.
They are used in all big tire 4 wheel drive applacation for this very reason. The carts are just a smaller version of these trucks and many of the safety features can be scaled down to work for the golf carts.


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This is a great idea and I have thought about the same thing. Just haven't had the time to figure out how to install one on a Yamaha yet.


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I have seen these for the EZGO's but has anyone seen them for a Club Car? After seeing some cart wrecks I want to start being alot safer.