Golf Cart Slows Then Cuts Out Under Uphill Load


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I have an 07 Club Car Precedent golf cart and it drives fast along flat ground. When I encounter a uphill load (mainly going forwards but also backwards) the motor and golf cart slows dramatically and then cuts out. If I fiddle with the position of the accelerator pedal, I can get the golf cart to move (slowly) but it keeps cutting out until I reach flat ground again and then it flies along once more.

I suspected I had battery charge problems, but no, they are fuly charged. I even charged them all individually with my car charger at a slow rate (2 amp), there is plenty of power there.

Any suggestions?


Have you checked the voltage on each battery under load? You can connect your digital volt meter to each battery and drive the golf cart up hill and see if one or more of the batteries are weak. If the batteries are original and are the 12 volt batteries Club Car was using I would lean toward it being a battery problem.