Golf Cart Shop Rant>>>


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We normally leave the cart at the lake. The wife and kids went to the lake for a week, while someone else worked
While the kids had the cart out riding around the left rear axle broke. Too many kids on the ******* thing
I normally do all my own work but it was easier to call the local shop near the lake. Seemed like nice enough folks, reasonable priced, and said they would come right out and pick it up that day and fix it. The wife and kids headed back home, so I called a neighbor to keep an eye out for someone picking up the cart. After two weeks I called to enquire as to why they had not picked up the cart and when should I expect it to be fixed. The answer I recieved was not the one I was looking for so I told them to forget get and I would fix it myself. After a short while they called me back and apologized for not getting it done and if I would let them they would fix it that day. Wow I thought, a business try to do right by their customers so I agreed. They came out, picked it up, and fixed it ASAP. I went down and picked up the cart and all seemed fine. However, after driving it around the neighborhood for a bit I noticed a slight squeek coming from the left rear wheel (the axle just replaced). I jacked it up and ran it up to mid speed, no squeek. Hmmm, must be the suspension squeeking I thought, no big deal. Next day the squeek was louder and the more I drove it the louder it got. Got it home, jacked it up, removed the wheel, pulled out the carter pin, and then proceeded to remove the axle nut with my fingers
After removing the brake hub, it was obvious the squeek was the splines being eaten off the brake hub because the axle nut was loose. They snuged it up tight it by hand enough to align the castle nut with the axle hole.
After a few choice words I decided it was my fault. My fault for trusting someone else to do work as I would have done it.

Moral of the story: If you want it down right do it youself!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sorry for your luck... 50/50 on letting anybody work on anything these days.
At least you have the ability to do the repair yourself.
Lots of folks have to rely on repair shops, good and bad.