Golf Cart Runs With No Key


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Hi, new to this forum although I've been reading and searching through to try and find the cause of my issue. I should have joined a while ago.

I have a 98 EZGO series 36v golf cart. I have recently installed a new Alltrax sr48400 controller, mjz400 solenoid and HD f/r switch with new 2 gauge cables. Everything went well or so I thought. After a couple of weeks using the cart I realized that it will still operate in forward and reverse with the key switch turned off. Actually right now I have taken it off completely and the cart still works. I've been through all the wiring and as far as I can tell it is all correct. Pedal switch is good from what I can tell. Key switch is good. I am wondering about the solenoid but I don't have a spare to swap it with. How can I check to see if it may be stuck? Anyone have any other ideas? I'm going to check the diagrams here to see if anything looks any different. I'm pretty stuck. Any help is appreciated.