Golf Cart Roof Top and Supports


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First off..Hello to all!
This is my first golf cart, it's a 96 Club Car with gas engine. All stock except back seat. I am looking for a roof / top with supports that might be long enough to cover back seat too, but doesnt have to.
Any help appreciated.


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Strech Plastics makes the golf cart roof in two sizes.

WHITE 54" EZGO Top with Aluminum Trim 1994 — Current.
WHITE 80 " EZGO Top with Aluminum Trim: 1994 — Current.
BLACK 80 " EZGO Top with Aluminum Trim: 1994 — Current.
BLACK 80 " EZGO Top with Black Trim: 1994 — Current.

900 E. John Street, Suite J
Banning, CA 92220
Yup!! If you got a 80" top that would cover the rear seat!! You could buy it from anyone, but you would be better off buying it locally because of freight charges. I just quoted a guy a 80" top today from EZGO today and it would be 300 delivered to us because of free freight. If we order over 1000 dollars from them the give us free freight. So that might be something to think about. If you got it shipped it to your house you would be probably around 400?

Oh yeah that 300 would come with all the struts!! No offense to anyone...... but I would check locally If I were you!


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Ooops...I just learned from this site that my cart is a 92, the first two digits of the serial no..
Thanks for the info and the warm welcome!


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Would it be 300 for a Club Car top with struts? 80"" That sounds cheaper than what I have found so far on the net and ebay..Thanx for the welcome by the way. These carts seem very addicting...


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Found a used one locally..$160 for top, supports and a nice windshield. :thumbsup:
It is not the longer one that covors the rear seats, but the price was right.