Golf cart rodeo


There is a golf cart rodeo in ohio in a couple weeks. 330' dirt drag. So I put some shredder tires (holeshot knockoffs) on the cart. Now just gotta swap in the 8:1 gears.
I'm going dirt racing.



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If you are still running them open contactors make sure you have them out of the way from the dirt & sand. Trust me they will leave you on the line


I've made some changes. I can now stage myself on controller power. Gears and tires changed. Heading out Saturday morning to tear up some dirt!
Anyone else????


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I got there to late to see you run and never caught you at your cart to see who you were. I hoped to get some tips for starting my simple upgrades and only doing them once !!! I was in the dually flying Allis and Harley flags. Hopefully it will grow.