Golf Cart Repair Shop In Wisconsin?


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nice area :hattip: not much up your way that will work on the HD's, i can help ya but i'm two hrs south of Peshtigo.


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Yah not much up there. 2 hours is quiet a hike though. I actually live in Ohio and have a sw up there.

Anything you can think of that i may be able to try to fix this?

i have an older 70's Harley gas golf cart. from time to time it decides to just sputter and spew out blue smoke when trying to start it.. When it does this it takes a very long time for it to start running again. You have to push the gas pedal just slightly and keep it there as it is sputtering and trying to start. It did this once last year but once it finally started it ran ok'. Once in a great while it has back fired when shutting off. could this be a bad gas problem or something more serious. . i have put in a air filter , gas filter ,new spark plug and plug wire last year.


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i would start with checking the compression, buy a cheap tester (15 bucks) and see where its at. you get much lower than a 100lbs and you can start to have problems like that, the carb may also be dirty.
the compression test is cheap and easy and gives you a base to work from.