Golf Cart Rally in Ohio


The Ohio rally is August 24th in case you were planning on going. I went to one of the CAW trips. is was quite fun. Beautiful place, and great trails. We are thinking about going back with our quads.


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:naughty:A few golf cart guys get together in South Carolina and we trail ride 3-4 days and night. Great time. We travel 13 hours one way once a year for this.
I wish I knew a few cart guys by me that would like to do a trail ride:(. I've been to an ATV park in PA a couple times and public trails in southern Ohio, but with no other carts.


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:thumbsup: I like the speed limits, safe and controlled is different for everyone :rotflmao:
Looks like an awesome place. Do they have camping?
I will be in the stock class. The engine in the old blue cart has never been rebuilt but, were only coming for the fun. I plan on putting a v-twin in it, but maybe next year.:cheers: