Golf Cart Parts Suprlus Sale!

After working on so many carts this summer, I've accumulated a lot of golf cart parts that are "scratch and dent" or perfectly fine so I'm having a golf cart parts surplus sale! Some of it is borderline. Make me an offer for the item. You pay shipping. * = borderline; ***** = used but fine

A lot of the Club Car stuff is off my cart or the 1991 I built. In fact, all of it is.

Club Car
Air filter ****
Air intake box *****
Air intake box cover *****
Air intake box baffles ******
Bagwell pads **
Mid-dash piece (houses key switch and accessory switches) ***
driven clutch ***
Salsbury drive clutch *****
OEM drive clutch ****
Starter Generator *****
Bagwell strap assembly **
Seat back support supports *****
King pins (1991-) **
Upper delta clevis (1991-) *
Key switch *****
Seat back shells ****
Seat back assemblies ***
Rear U-bolts *****
Front spindles ****
Lower leaf support plate *****
Rear seat support support body pads ****
Reverse buzzer *****

Air intake box assembly, old style. No bushings, no gaskets. *****
Bottom cover to intake box *****
Vaccuum hose ****
Oil Filter *****

G2/8/9 air filter cover. **
G22 spindles *****
G22E OEM battery cables ****
G9 Solenoid **
G22 rocker covers ***
G9 bumper **
G22 sill plates ***
G9 rear roof supports for use with rear seat assemblies. NEW *****
G16/19 rear roof supports *****
16 all-model lug nuts *****
G16 starter/generator **
G9 shocks *
G9 starter/generator *

Sand bottles ****
Hub caps **