Golf Cart Overhead Radio Console Review


Overhead Radio Console for Golf Cart Review:
Product Name: Over Head Radio Console
Part Number: RDCEZ2BLK
Place Purchased: Buggies Unlimited

While the overhead console looks good on the golf cart and provides good protection to the radio and speakers in rainy weather, its got one big problem. The CD player is useless unless the cart is parked. Even on smooth paved roads I have found that CD's skip badly. I have tried 3 different radio/cd players and can't eliminate the problem on my EZGO TXT. The added weight to the roof makes it shake a lot more than normal and make the CD player useless. I would highly suggest to mount your radio in the dash or storage compartments if you plan on listening to CD's while driving your golf cart...

Price: 89.99
Rating: 6/10


New Member
I actually have a Jensen stereo on my cart and added foam under the stereo for support and have no issues at all. I use my cart on my weekend almost everyday (3 days off) I live in Peachtree City GA. (miles and miles of Paths) and some of the paths are really bad. I use the CD player only as the radio stations just dont come in that well.