Golf Cart Overhead Console for Stereo Radio


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I'm considering installing a stereo radio in my 96' Yamaha golf cart. I'm going to use a voltage inverter and just a standard cd player with speakers. My question is has anyone used one of the radio overhead consoles like this? YA3 BLK

I'm wanting to know how well it worked or what would be the one to use. I could build one to fit exactly but if I can buy it and bolt it in that would be a lot easier for me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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All the overhead consoles are similar, just know that adding all this stuff to the roof system may cause it to wiggle around while underway. IMO, the uprights just barely support the windshield and sun top.


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As far as stabilizing the roof I can find a way to do that most likely. I guess I should have made my question more specific. My concern is will the box or console last? Are they decent quality? Stuff like that. Thank you for input though!


I've had a overhead console from Buggies Unlimited in my red EZGO for 10+ years and it's holding up fine. It does make the top shake more when I'm driving but it's not to bad. And listening to a CD while driving is a pain because they skip over every little bump. I plug my MP3 player into the receiver to take care of that problem.


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I think you might want to consider a CD-less stereo like XR4115 posted awhile ago. It is a AM/FM/Mechless Receiver with USB, 3.5mm (IPod, MP3 input jack) and SD Card Inputs. I've seen it priced online at $69.99 depending on where you shop. I know Autozone used to carry them.