Golf Cart License Plate Mount Location


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Anyone that is in a state that gives a hard plate for there golf cart like there cars? Where did you locate the mount on your golf cart? I' just looking for some ideas for the location on my 2001 Club Car DS golf cart if you have any pics post them for me or suggest a location?


I've seen a lot of people with plates mounted on the back side of the seat backs. Wouldn't work if you have a rear seat though... :dazed:


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most states have strict guidelines on any vehicle tag location. i'm thinkin' its in there with your vehicle registration paperwork :twocents:


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yea my cart has the rear seat so! here in OHIO there is 2 ways you can do a cart for street use
1 is register it as a UNDER SPEED VEHICLE limited to 35mph or less roads not much to do to get one registered for street use..

2 is to register it AS a MOTOR VEHICLE with ohio plates NO limit on ANY roads or highways or any restrictions BUT ALOT of work to have inspected by odotp so ?

one v/s the other i suppose :dazed:


I usually mount the rear led plate holder in the Bagwell most that buy from us have a 4 pass seat kit already and just tap into the lights so when you turn on the lights it comes on as well these are ezgos mostly have done a few cc the same