Golf Cart Is Surging Clutch Doesn't Engage


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I finished my lift and got a new belt. The one that was on the golf cart was chewed up pretty badly.
After driving around a bit I notice that the Driven clutch doesn't seem to engage properly on jack stands it revs up but is surging. I did notice that the buttons are in the clutch are worn? Will this cause a the golf cart to surge and not get up to speed.
I also noticed that there is alot of rattling coming from the drive clutch and the new belt is getting messed up already.
So anyone looking to buy a good running 2pg engine 120psi compression?
May just be putting a ATV engine in at this point not going to spend money on new clutches.


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Problem solved/fixed. The buttons were worn to all but nothing and the driven clutch bushing was gone it chewed into the hub shaft. I turned it down and sleeved it we'll see how long the bushing lasts. I only did it as a temporary fix so see what i get out of it.

The cart accelerates and gets up a good bit of speed for such an old cart. It hit 16 MPH on gps before I let off the throttle :thumbsup: The governor needs adjusting as it was still pulling.

Made some new buttons for driven clutch at work, made them from Teflon see how they hold up, Originals were nylon I believe which is alittle harder but less slippery.