Golf Cart Insurance, what kind? How much?


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I just about had a coronary, reading the declarations page from Progressive,

Liability Insurance on my 2010 CC/P LSV at $110 is more than my Corvette, $69 or my F-250, $109, I don't understand??

What are you folks paying for (LSV) Golf Cart Insurance?

What companies are you Insured with?

Any special circumstances??


I'd have to look but I think I pay $35 a year for 3 golf carts but that's because their covered on our homeowners policy in a gated community out at the cottage. I've never checked for prices on a LSV but I'm sure someone here will have some insurance information for you.


Pioneers Homeowners W/an umbrella covers my cart and new inflatable, works for us in MI 100$ + - some.