Golf cart heater on 96 volt system


Cartaholic's cold in my electric car with no heat. I have heater, actually bought two of them, for 48 volt golf carts that I want to install in the car. Could I run one heater on half of the 96 volt system or to make the batteries drain evenly use both heaters, one on half the batteries and one of the other half?


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Thanks HRC, is it ok to run 1 heater at a time?

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I changed my mind and only want to install one heater because it looks much better this way in the location I chose for it. The 6 batteries I want to hook to are in the rear battery box and these are in the middle of the 96 volt circuit with batteries before and after them. Is this ok to do, basically run off any group of batteries anywhere in the pack to arrive at a certain voltage different from the motor?

Question popped up in my head, when to use a dc/dc converter?


Yes you can use any group to get the 48 volts. They will get out of balance with the rest of the pack though. The more you use the heater the faster they will get out of balance. If your going to go that route I'd suggest keeping a eye on the voltage of those batteries compared to the others and charge separately when necessary to keep them all in balance with the rest of the pack.