Golf Cart Games


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I am running the bike games at a motorcycle rally in Texas. I have been asked by the organizers of the rally to develop some golf cart games. Other than drag races (which was the first thing we thought of) what games do y'all do at golf cart rallies. Or do y'all? If so, please detail the games.



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We have a golf cart obstacle course that the driver does blindfolded, and a ( passenger sitting backwards ) has to verbily tell the driver how to go?
Its alot of fun but must be set up with lots of space so nobody gets hurt because of the wild driving?
Another is played with a large beach ball that is passed between golf cart passengers. ( AGAIN SITTING BACKWARDS ) This can be really fun IF EVERYONE is careful?


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Those sound like fun, I wannna play


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There is a Poker Run at our campground each holiday weekend. It involves driving to 5 different points, completeing a task with the cart, and collecting a playing card. Best hand wins.


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It is at a motorcycle rally. You attend the rally, you are eligible for the games. Normally we would only do games for the bikes, but last year there were a lot of people that wanted to play on their carts. We adapted a couple of bike games to the carts. THIS year, the organizers want us to develop a few more games for the carts to do. So, here I am asking the most knowledable people I can.


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Jamie - there are a few bikers here, as well. How about details on youre rally? Is it open to everyone?


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Yes, the rally is open to everyone. No matter what type or brand of bike you ride.

It's in Alvarado, Tx.
July 16 - 19
Name of the rally is Bikers Adult Rally.