Golf Cart Friendly


Gorno, any of those IQ carts can be upgraded to 19.6 by a dealer, my understanding is they send the serial number to cc and they get a code back to input into the cart via there meter cc thing whatever its called, costs 100 bucks i was told. Mine was done when i bought it from the dealer.


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There are hundreds of names for that which we most desire.

I though schmoose was like talking. Now cooz, that's a word.

And you know what I meant. This is "in" general discussion, but it is not General Discussion.


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AH HA! Sounds just like the "speed chip" in the E-Z-Go PDS carts. So, as a course cart it runs 14mph on 48v, just like the 36v carts do. Ya learn something new everyday!


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OK, did this piece of information shock everyone into silence.
Look at it this way. The future is not as bleak as you younger guys may think. The member lives past 50.



I had a pretty good idea, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up. :rotflmao:


Go for it. We like pics here. :thumbsup: