Golf Cart Enclosure


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Very reasonably priced Golf Cart Enclosure, easy to assemble, will out last the life of your cart and comes with pretty much any make or model of cart out there! what do you guys think ?


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How easy is it to take off for summer use?
I envision the door not sliding well after a period of time.
IMO, too much flex in a cart for these to work well.
From an aesthetic look, not too pleasing to me.
Just pay up and get a Smart Car initally is one thought I have. I would not be able to get into one with this on it. The clear vinyl snap on panels like CC's use would work in my view.


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Depending were you are from of course and which cart it is you have, and MEE enclosure could be yours for as little as £495 Sterling.

There are other optional extras of crouse which would come at a price such as
shatter proof polycarbonate clearn/tinted panels,
Standard tinted panels,
Rear sliding window,
Door locks.

Again depending where you are from there could also be the option of having your enclosure fitted for you.


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The enclosure is attatched via existing roof bolts on your cart so it does not involve modifying your cart at all to hang the enclosure. It also takes secounds to attach a side to your cart, the main part of installation is assembling the sides which again is easily done.

We have not actually had very many complaints about our doors, we use a unique locking system which involves Plastic locking pins which allow maximum friction without noise/stiffness. Of course they can ware down after several years of use but we will always send out replacements free of charge when the time comes, and they are extremely easy to fit. There is also an option for a hinged door, if interested i could upload pictures for you.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, i really appreciate it and it always helps!