Golf Cart Drag Racing.....


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Well boys with a little luck & the grace of God I will be making a trip over to Georgia in the next few weeks to meet up with the world famous krazy karts & that DirtySouth guy
And to meet up with some of the baddest drag cart builders know to man for the long awaitded high voltage no holds- barred electrifying wheel standing battery exploding contactor welding motor spinning axel snapping voltage boosting frame twisting parachutes popping golf cart drag race at its finest down a 1/8 mile drag strip... This will be the race that all eyes will be on & it is brought to you by the NGKRA.... And only the NGKRA can pull off such a high profile race... You guys come out & witness history being made or sit back & watch thousands of dollars go up in smoke.... Once the light drops to green the hair raising goosebumps will spread to every man woman & child....Stay tuned for more details.... O00ooooooooh...chit I better say something exciting about the gas guys ...Hum..... Let me see... I m not a gas guy but here goes... Come out & see the V Twins hopped up on bottle sucking methane no wait
That was describing some of the drivers
Anyway them boys are bad ass also.... Now I just need to get my cart running.... Lets race !!!!!!!!!!


Dang, GB. You missed your should be in marketing! Let's get this race set and see how many folks we can get there.