Golf Cart Drag Racing


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It is obvious that the interest is there for some sort of cart racing. To insure that history does not repeat itself. I would like to see each state have it's own Cart Club. And from there each state is to join under one organization bring us all together. I would also like to see more than two or three guys make up the rules. Then, when the rules are agreed upon. They will fall back into the hands of the organization to be guarded & enforced. I belive if we all pull together we can create a new sport to be enjoyed by all.......


Competition is what keeps this sport going! The NGKRA is not for everyone. I for one am glad to see the interest in all the groups, clubs and organizations that will be forming. It is vital to the existence of our sport and should be an avenue for people starting out in Golf Kart Racing. When we started the NGKRA the sole purpose was to promote Golf Kart Racing getting tracks familiar with the karts and actually having golf karts allowed at drag strips. We have accomplished this, as with any new venture there will be bumps in the road on our way but we will not be discouraged and we will continue to organize and host events. It is unfortunate that people don’t see eye to eye on all aspects involved and understand that the NGKRA was established for you the members. Rules are a necessary in any type of organized racing to be able to provide a safe atmosphere for racers and spectators. All people will not agree with such rules as with anything people form their own opinions on what they think is right. These rules imposed on participants are very minimal to keep this accessible to everyone. With all this said it is not about the group you belong to or what you think is right or wrong or what is said on a public forum it is about Golf Kart Racing.


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Again, lets not confuse the issues! Yes the rules for the NGKRA appear to be set to benefit the people who own it!

This is not about the rules, it's about people being treated very poorly by the owners and representatives of the organization.


CONFUSED...How does this benfit the owner of anything? How does this give him advantage? If you have a golf cart bring it to the track and run, how does that benfit anyone but you? You want to build a cart keep the frame rails to stock width and build it.
You want to build custom chassis then build them. Just follow the rules as in any sport.
Yes Dirty south has a company that builds golfcarts, so does Krazy karts, so does Alpha carts, so does about a half million other's heck I've even built some and they would all fit the rules. What is with you people.


I would like to see a group organized to deal with this also. I think that the whole deal would benifit by a group of non racers organizing it though. As far as each state that maybe a little diffcult but it maybe the only solution. That way everyone can run in there state if there are tracks to run at.
I will stick with NGKRA and I'm also persueing other avenues as well as in the Shady Side track. I'm trying to get enough interest up around here to have a whole weekend for the golf carts at there track.
I hope to get there in the next few weeks to run but this weather is killing me.


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You Andy... And a few others are what this is all about. The NGKRA is behind this type of support all the way.


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Up until I think last year the France family did not have a family member racing in Nascar so they had no problems with anyone complaining about the possibility of playing favorites. Any rules made by Nascar now will have to be followed to the letter by everyone.
The NGKRA just happened to be formed by a family that were racers to begin with, it was not formed for the sole benefit of making money by the people that formed the Association, it was formed to get the Sport to the public. If I am correct the frame fabrication and marketing came after the Association was formed and well under way. I think if any member wanted to begin Fabricating and Marketing frames/carts like Richard Childress or Joe Gibbs Racing does in Nascar that it would be ok with the NGKRA.
As long as the rules are followed everyone should be on the same field whether you are Joe Shmoe Racing Frames Incorporated or KrazyKarts inc.
I figure I'm about 4 in line after KK, DS, GB, on the amount of money spent on racing Golf Carts and I want to be able to play with the results of my efforts and money spent, but I have no interest in fabricating frames for market and I have no problem if someone else does.
The Bashing really needs to stop, I think everyone had their say, some lost, some won, a few didn't want to get in it and some should have stayed out of it, lets just get on with it.
NHRA,IHRA,NGKRA, BR54A, let's just try to further the sport.
Rules grow with the sport, sometimes they change and someone wins and someone loses. The rules will keep changing as more people come into the sport, more will win, more will lose, some rules get misunderstood and have to be explained to the letter, some rules will get changed or clarified due to a debate, we have to have rules.


Rifter thank you man. That post I know took a lot for you to post. I hope we can all move forward in this sport and understand that growth will have a lot of up's and downs for everyone.


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Wikipedia is not working for me. I had to click on Search for "Bill France, Sr" in existing articles then click on Bill France, Sr.


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Link didn't work for me either.
Just seems like a useless post.
But then I have been know to have some rambling useless post myself.
Just never when I was trying to make a point.


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There was no point to make, I already said "it was just a good read". For whatever reason, it will not let me link directly to it. Gonzo firgured out how to get to it. Let me put this instead. Type in Bill France SR. into wikapedia, and read it , if you are interested in racing.


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Looks like they had a nice turn out for the golf cart drag races. Its good to see a group like NGKRA take the time to organize these races.