Golf Cart Controversy


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Golf Cart Controversy
September 16, 2008
*Marion County residents face complaints about driving their golf carts on main roads.

As gas prices continue to go up, so do the number of golf carts on the roads of Marion County.

But due to an increasing number of complaints, residents may need to find a new form of transportation. Residents appeared in front of the Marion County commission Tuesday to share their side to the controversy. Marion County District Commander Mark Kelly said state statute doesn't allow golf carts to be used on average roads, like *Highway 40. In fact, they aren't even allowed on neighborhood roads, unless it's designated specifically for a golf cart.

"People are using the golf cart, and some of them obviously have done it for many years, and *it's just a matter of breaking the habit," Lt. Kelly said. He also said safety is another reason for not allowing golf cats on major roads, especially because golf carts are such low speed vehicles.

The commission instructed staff to look into whether golf carts will present any legal issues for the county. They agreed to revisit the issue at a later time.

My comments:
*TV-20 is in Gainesville (Alachua County) and Ocala (Marion County), FL.
*Highway 40 is a State Highway
I agree they shouldn't be on a State Highway. But they don't say if they were in the side ditch or on the pavement. Florida does have some wide side ditches and I see nothing wrong if they run in the ditch 10 feet from the pavement. There are places like bridges etc. where it gets pretty tight.
Again I say why let these Scooters and Mopeds on the State Roads and other roads running 15 MPH with an unlicensed 15 year old kid? Or a Farm Tractor operated by a 12 year old?

The only one I saw and heard complain on the TV was Lt. Kelly.

*I see! According to Lt. Kelly to fix the problem... "It's just a matter of breaking the habit."
LOL! What an intelligent creature.

The residents told the commission that the carts are the only means of transportation for some of these elderly citizens. And without them they would be house bound.

It's coming to a neighborhood near you...What do you think?


I've been seeing and hearing of stories like this all over. I'm sure most of the complaints come from people who don't own golf carts. As long as the carts can only be used on roads with a 35 MPH and under speed limit and require the driver to have a drivers license I don't see what the problem is.


I have to agree with HRC, these carts are great alternative transportation for short runs to the store or whatever. All you hear from the powers that be is we have to break the grip foreign oil has on this country. I know this is a very small part in the over all picture,like spitting in the ocean, but we have to start somewhere.


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I agree HRC also, roads 35 mph or less. I used to live in Ocala back in the HS day. Rte 40 was a race track back then, going out of ocala if i'm thinking of the same road. It's probably slowly turning into residential by now. People in FL just drive fast, straight roads you know
. Here in Virginia, it's up to the jurisdiction to allow carts on roads 25 or less. The small speed trap called Boones Mill right outside of Roanoke whrer i live tried to get cart usage allowed, it made the newspaper but thats about it, they didn't pass it. Glad our plalce in out of town
on a culd-a sac