Golf Cart Carburetor Adjustment

Yankee Dog

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I need some help with the carburetor mixture screw adjustment on my golf cart? Does turning the screw in (clockwise) richen the mixture or lean out the mixture? Doing some fine tuning and don't want to run it too lean. Thanks, YD


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I am far from an expert, but I think the adjustment on the golf cart carburetor is air only and it is for low speed. I read somewhere the proper setting is 1.5 - 2 turns out. I have run mine anywhere from .5 to 2 turns out with no real difference. Allow me to be wrong, though.


OEM preset is 1.5 turns out (Counter-Clockwise). The farther out you go, the richer it gets. After you get to the preset, you may want to adjust it slightly to correct for any temperature/elevation differences.