Golf Cart Battery Life


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Golf cart battery life, which brand lasts the longest? We are running a mix of varieties, but Trojans last the longest for us. Does the cost justify the quality?


I read that Club Car is switching over to US Battery for 2010. I guess they got tired of the over priced Trojan batteries. Trojan may make a good golf cart battery but its not worth double of a Interstate or Exide or US Battery.


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That's what's called "Value Engineerering".
Costs to the manufacturers are very little between battery manufacturers and are a completely different price in the retail marketplace. The guy who has the OEM battery usually gets to charge more in the retail market.
It doesn't have much to do with quality, more like "will these work, what's our bottom line cost and will they get us through the warranty period".
Club Car like EZGO is fighting both the economic downturn and the pressure from Chinese imports and need to reduce costs to keep the margins up.


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I have a motorhome and spend a lot of time on Many RV'ers use 6v golf cart batteries in pairs for house batteries, I have four Interstate U-2200's in mine and that is a common arrangement. Trojan batteries are used by some I believe just for the simple reason they cost way more than others and it is a status thing to say "I have Trojan batteries in my RV".

There is no consistant reporting that Trojan batteries last longer than the Interstates for example. With good care they all will last 6-9 years. What I am learning is the RV battery charging systems are far superior than what seems to be used in electric carts. RV converters (battery chargers) now adays are all three stage smart chargers that take much better care of the batteries than what seems to be the case with cart chargers. Batteries should not be boiling, getting hot and using water if the charger is any good.

I put Interstate U-2200's in my cart (7) and have a Delta QuiQ 48 set for 42v
on order that is supposed to be the newer smart charger type. I hope so.

We use our RV a lot (We are out in it now) and it stays plugged in all the time when we are home and the four Interstates will take combined not much more than a pint of water once a year.