Golf Cart Battery Choices


I'm not impressed with the LiFePO4 golf cart batteries as they are right now. Personally I think the EV community gives them way too much credit. I won't even consider using these batteries until they improve on the technology and prices come down. What is currently the best choices for batteries? Why not use large batteries like the Rolls Surrette? Would this work well in a lead sled? The initial price is high but with a rated life of 10 years and the extra range you get out of 460ah it seems like a great investment.


To pricey for me, lol...

Trojans seem to be the best but they cost more than the Interstates, Exides,etc. I've had very good luck with Interstate and Exide golf cart batteries and with good maintenance they should last at least 5 years...


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Best battery i ever owned was a Cabela's AGM (advanced glass mat) battery. It is designed for their marine use but I had 2 12volts run in parallel in my motor home and they were overly reliable. Not sure who the manufacturer is, but .... agm are the way to go.

With agm batteries you cant use a traditional charger.. or at least you cant leave them charging all the time. that will cause them to go bad fast. overcharging kills agm batteries. also .. no gassing or water levels to check. these are sealed bats.

I have seen 6volt agm batteries but not 8volt like I need.

my 2 cents....


A few golf cart manufacturers tried the AGM batteries and they didnt hold up. Star was one that tried them. Im not sure which brand they used but they now come with trojan lead acid batteries because of the problem they had with the AGMs. The biggest problem Star had was the AGM batteries were shot after a year.