Golf Cart Battery Break In Procedure


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I recently bought 6 - 6 volt golf batteries at Costco. Now-a-days, that's a big investment so I wanted to make sure that I treated them right! What is the proper break in procedure for a golf cart battery and how long does it take to be fully broken in? I have a 1989 Club Car and the last Trojan batteries lasted 7 years! I think that they might have lasted longer but the head light switch got left on and it completely drained the batteries. They were never the same after that! I'll probably never see that kind of service again but any help would be greatly appreciated!


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once you put them in you don't want to let them go below 50% even new they are only 75 to 80% so when you put charger you leave charger on until it shuts off that's a must. You do it like that 12 to15 times and when they get to 100% you'll notice a difference with cart speed and run time. In this period keep an eye on water level and if you have to add use distilled water only and fill to 1/8 to 1/4 over lead plates. After that it's maintence on batteries and cables at least 2 times a month. Keep the battery cable ends clean and tight and check water, you'll spend less then 1/2 hour per month that will get you more years out of the batteries. :twocents:

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