Golf Car as a Beach Buggy?


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which would get around better on the sand beaches or sand dunes?

electric or gas powered?

will the two wheel drive do ok?



Either one would get you around but if you're wanting to do a lot of dune riding you'd be better off with gas in my opinion. Even a stock gas cart will be lazy in soft sand. WalkNTall and Fairlane do a lot of dunes and sand riding. They both have modified gas carts. I know Andy uses his electric EZGO on the beaches by his cottage without problems. They will give you better opinions when they see this post...
I recommend a gas Club Car because...
1. They have aluminum frames that cannot rust or corrode from sand and salt
2. They have the most torque in stock form. Their engines have VERY flat torque curves
3. You can send your driven clutch in one piece to Cart Parts Plus for machining and a power spring installation. That will really get you moving.
4. They're uberly reliable.

I would recommend a 1999 or newer cart.