goldwing 1100 engine


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ok ive got an old g1 and i can get the goldwing for free and it runs. i want to put the motor in the cart but i dont know how hard this will be. any help/comments/concerns will be great!


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I have no idea, just design it as you need it and don't be in a hurry, details details details.
plan it out on paper get with some buddies who can help fab stuff and have fun with it.
The only motorcycle motor I've ever seen in a cart was a H-D Sportser motor, complete with foot clutch, chrome tipped dual exhaust and 6 pass seating and a full cage LOL

I know of no kits or quick hook ups, you can do it because you've already started planning I'll bet

keep us posted with pics

It may be easier to offer assistance if we can see the " DEMON IN THE ROUGH"


It won't be a easy swap but if you have a welder and some fabrication skills it can be done. There's a lot of guys who have put a motorcycle engine in golf carts and hopefully they'll chime in with details on what you'll need to do.

If your asking if your posts are showing up I can see them here.


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ok back to square one on the cart my dad got rid of it, but he said he would try and find me another one. so well see what happens. my dad is a good welder as well as a good fab man so i think it will go ok.