Goes dead


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1997 EZ-Go 4 stroke ............. starts fine, will run okay for about an hour, then completely dead. Battery fine. After let set for a day, checking for power, put lead on neg battery an hot line of starter. Off she goes.

Sometimes after warm, will hesitate while running but keep going. Goes dead when stop & then try to go again.


I'd start by making sure it's charging. Take a voltage reading on the battery with the cart not running and take another reading with the cart at about half throttle. Post you numbers.
Check the connections from the battery at both ends.


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Okay, long story....... cart is dead, no starter, nothing. Test battery, 12.3V. Check wire going into the mess of wires next to battery. Same reading. Wire going into starter, nothing. While checking the starter, something starts to tick and then the starter goes. Cart starts, I ride to top of driveway, stops BUT this time not completely dead, starter runs but no firing. Check voltage at plugs, nothing. Going to find lead going to coil & check for voltage but seems like the controller thing next to battery may be at fault ????


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It almost sounds like you have 2 problems. When its completely dead, jumper the 2 large terminals on the solenoid and see if it turns over. If it doesn't, grab the clutch and turn the motor/starter over some and then try the starter. The starter motor brushes do wear out, and solenoids will go bad.