Go Kart Racing


Somthing I have been into for several years. Dirt track go kart racing. Never knew how competitive this sport could be. Many take it more serious and invest more time and money into it than car racing.
You can spend a small fortune on tires and chemical treatments to hook to a wide range of track surfaces.
I prefer to do it for fun and keep it affordable. You get to meet and become friends with some very knowledgeable people and pick up a few enemies along the way. Feel free to ask any questions.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
I'd have bought this Kart expecting it to run on asphalt - what is the difference between these tires for dirt and asphalt tires?


Went out for the first race of the season last night. A lot of the top names in the region were there as it was one of only a few tracks racing.
Struggled to get tires right all day got them right in qualifying but gear was off. Sun went down and tires were off again in the main. Was about like driving on ice so I loaded up before I ended up with a wrecked kart. Time to tear it all down to wash and try again.