Go-Fore Gas Golf Cart Not Getting Spark


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I have a Go-Fore gas powered golf cart, has a cuyuna 290cc 2 cylinder single carb 2stroke, its running but one of the coils is not getting spark, it has 2 coils look just like car coils, it was rewired but im not sure, if its supposed to have a coil pack, there are 2 wires coming out of engine, a black and yellow, and they have them both going to the ground on each coil, and the red from ignition switch is going to the pos on coil, and a other wire jumped over to the pos on the other coil any one with any info would be great thanks


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Kudos, HRC. I have never even SEEN that motor name before.

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When you click the link it may take a little time to open depending on your internet connection speed. The manual is over 6 megabytes in size.