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Have a 84 G1 and going to want to get peak performance from it without spending price of big blocking it..
story of it..when went to look at it to see if going to buy or not it started up but seller said had to keep choke pulled out a little untill it warmed up good;;i fixed his auto trans on ford truck for trans done month and half later[worked on it spare time]..when went to pick cart up couldn't start it..smelled gas but wouldn't hit a lick....been doing body mods and repairs and other stuff..should be done with everything in about a month and then going to start on engine..
first cart so total lost on what to do..i'm guessing first thing be check compression?what should it be and how should it be done?[know how on cars]don't know about carts as to anything should do[example should drive belt be removed]
if compression is good then what all can be done to get as much power as i can without doing a major redo?
if compression is low and cart needs rebuild then what all needs done at that time to get peak and more performance from this engine.