gears for 86 club car


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thanks to the guy who responded to my question about the d&d motor i put it in my speed went from 12 mph to 19 mph is there anyway i can put some gears in the rear end or do anything else to pick up some speed i saw a guy with an ad and called him he has a newer cart with a computer controller with a freedom chip says his cart goes 30mph with 36 volts why shouldnt my older cart with no computer controller do that also its basically straight wired right?i see gears for sale but for they are for 89 or newer the rearend must be different


I'm not sure what gears are available for a 86 Club Car but maybe someone else knows.

The cart with the freedom chip would be a EZGO with the PDS drive system. Stock with the freedom chip they run just under 20 MPH. So the one you called about isn't stock if it truly runs 30 MPH.