geared too low


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Hey guys I am having some issues and need some advice,, I have a 1991 workhorse with a 16hp vangaurd,stock driven clutch and brand new comet duster drive clutch. My problem is I have all the power I can stand but only about 22mph. It has stock rear with 6;1 ratio with 12"rims and 25' tires. How do i get more speed without twisting the guts outta my motor turns close to 5000 rpm with no govener on the engine Could it be too wide of a belt?


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is the belt shifting all the way in the clutches, it needs to ride all the way down in the driven and right up to the top of the drive at full speed. i put em on jack stands and check to make sure


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More weight in the duster and/or less pre-load in the driven. If you can find a 780 drive, you'll be way happier than the duster.


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It could be sticking or the belt may be to loose. Mark the drive clutch with a sharpy marker and then take the cart up to speed. You can do the same on the driven clutch. If there's marker lines left then you can tell if belt needs tightened or loosened. How wide is the belt?