GE Controllers

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Anyone Running one of these?

Im psyched cause I just got my GE D380 Bad Boy motor but dont have other items yet. Looking for recommendations on Controllers, cables and a HD F/N/R switch.

I was gonna go with an All Trax 650 AMP but my supplier is on back order for them. He recommended GE's "star" controller which is a 500 Amp controller. Its a good price I believe for $300 and a 2 year warranty on it, but Im inexperienced and dont know "jack" about cart. This 2003 CC Ds series 48 Volt cart is my first.

Also would like a recomendation on who carries quality 2 or 4 Gauge cables and a good HD F/N/R switch.

Any input is appretiated!



GE Star are good controllers. The D380 is a amp hungry motor so you may be maxing the 500 amp out. I believe they also make a 700 amp controller. I'd recommend the Alltrax 650 or the Star 700 amp with the D380 motor...

PQ sells a Heavy Duty Forward and Reverse switch for Club Cars... or any other welding supply shop will have the cable and lugs...