GBR's Bar Stool Pit Car


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Ok here it is guys... I just dont know what I am going to do with it... Two things come to mind... #.1 Put a Nub's V twin motor with chrome & powder coat its ass off... #2. I would like to put an old truck body on it.. I am even thinking adout cutting stretching & make a 2 or 3 stool rig with dual twin nubs....You guys want to throw out some ideas & lets see how this thing turns out...
I will say this project will be slow coming.... Got drag carts to build....


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now i know its not like me to add my views but i'll give it a try :rotflmao: :rolleyes: the truck body deal would take away from the bar stool look, kinda would look like them Shriner cars those PQ boys are runnin'. somethin' about two or three fellas sittin' on bar stools one behind the other kinda smacks of the same crew IMO, i would think one v-twin hooked to a narrowed ez go transaxle with chrome cases would be trick. ya would have the bar stool look and GC related parts, reverse for a bad assed one of a kind and belt drive for smooth quite clutching.