gator nationals


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ok floridians,natives, cracker heads,gear heads,everybody..GITER DONE..this weekend at the gainsville speedway gator nationals..fri,sat and hopein theres some cool carts there so i can get some pics..if not i,ll be sure to get some of the dragsters anyhow..i will be there fri...if ya go,look for the dude werein the shirt that says,,im the kid your parents warned you about,and slap me in the head and say your gonna kick my ass, will at least freak the wife out..

hope to see ya there,johnny9


Me and a few friends were planning on going but I can't make it. I have wedding to go to on Saturday.
I'll be looking forward to seeing the pics.


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well the drags were great fri..probally took more pics of there pit golf carts than dragstrers,lol
the fastest run i seen was 3.90 seconds at 310 mph...darn sure got the congestion out of my chest when they ran down the track... made your lungs feel weird when you was a blast but only stayed till 3;00..they were packed as s#@t
i spent more time in the pits than any where else..i will try to get a few pics up soon as i choose which ones to post,john


I haven't been to the Gator Nationals in 10 or more years. I think it's the best NHRA event of the season. Thanks for posting the pics...