I'll try to make it. It's hard to make any plans right now with everything that's going on with my dad and business.


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You boys save your coins now !!!

Its a haul from the west coast but you can do it GB did.

I've covered many a mile racing too

If your serious about racing ...Be there
life is short and our time clock is running out fast.


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Now give me a break !!!!! I didn't mean nothing by that.... It was a sincere racers question !!!! I already apologize to Randy's friends for trashing him & his motors !!!! After all my motor blew at 3/4 track .. Laid down a 8.4 sec run & and coasted across the line @ only 73 mpr. Its on video ...

Come on Frankie!!! You know me!!! I don't come to win !!! I come to do the best I can!!! And when I leave that track & had
back to Texas.. I done my best a left nothing on the table...


Frankie, you and Steve got room for a hitchhiker outa Georgia..........and one EZGO??? You have to be coming pretty close by me going over to Mizzou. Hope my cart is ready


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in a nice way since you like to talk smack Ronnie

if i come i will match you on voltage i drive my cart you drive your cart and no hand staging and return to your pits on your own power

fair enough?????

great numbers on your last pass but im not sure why you havent posted what voltage you where running

SER its not just the cost of the trip.. i have to close my shop for a week... thats even a bigger cost.....


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SER and Atomas it will be a long hall for you guys too....

looking and the budgeting it looks like about $1600.00 in just fuel crasy

i know ronnie spent that coming out to us the one october....

life is to short.... we are doing some spring cleaning in the shop and selling what we can to help the budget....

sounds like there will be a good turn out of carts....


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I love to talk smack !!! Is that a bad thing !!! no disrespect to you sir but you can't run my voltage !!! But lets say you can !!! On that alone I agree to your challenge!!! Plus I will pay your fuel bill round trip ... If I loose!!!! How many try's will you need!!!

Randy out of respect for purple rain @ not quite ready yet I gave my word not to trash you anymore! Don't push your luck & put your rule 's in my face that you can't come close to making it happen !!!

Ps randy !!! What do you get when you take a torque motor & hit it with high voltage !!!! how about a 10. Second run!!!!