Gas Powered Golf Carts


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I have owned 3 electric carts and one gas powered 2 cycle EZGO golf cart over the past several years I recently sold my 03 EZ GO PDS and am thinking about a newer gas(06-08). I am an old motorcycle racer and engine builder both 2 strokes and 4. I am looking to get about 25 MPH out of a gas engine cart without changing the motor. I read on the forum about adjusting the govenor but that many of the engines will easily overrev. I also read that they sell hi rev kits for some motors but I have not seen them for sale. Does anyone know whats the best rout to go on this as to what brand of cart and where to find performance parts. I know a lot of people put bigger rims and tires to pick up a few MPH. Also what do you guys with the fast carts do for brakes?


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Late model Yamaha is the best bang for running stock and not worrying about revs. G-22 G-max. '03-'07. :twocents: :hattip:


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I have a 2005 gas EZGO and I changed the rear end gear to a 6-1 ratio. Speed now is about 32 mph and the engine is not overworked. Fairly easy change too.


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if you want to climb hills i would not do a gear change... with most of the ez-go we have built stock 9hp with 23" tall tires 18 to 22 mph.

st-sport ez-go with the 350cc 11 hp with 23" tires 25 mph

ez-go with a rebuilt 295 putting 15hp with 23" tire 30 mph

the rev kit you see is for the V-Twin motors not for a stock ez-go motors....

a fresh 15hp motor is $900.00 plus core