Gas or electric


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gas is the only way to go if your going to use it on the farm. gas is always ready to go


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I agree with Nubs. As much as I like electric carts I think you're better off with a gas cart. Either one will probably get the job done..
While I like our electric for a run about but if we had much land I would want gas for sure. Electric needs to be in use or on the charger which means under a roof works best. If you rode the cart to the back of the place to take fuel to the tractor that died on you and left an electric cart set back there a few days with somewhat depleted batteries they would get sulfated worse. Some over on have electric and like them due to less up keep. Having electric and having pushed the cart back to the charger can open one's eyes. We are fine for 20 miles. That means a range of 10 miles unless you carry the charger with you and plan to stay over night.

With electric cart the kids can not get as far away if they decide to run away from home.