Gas or Electric???


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Hi, I have a question that I would like some direction on if anyone is willing to answer, especially for those who work on carts.

I'm planning on trading my 1994 Electric EZGO for a 2003 model at a local dealer in Central Illinois. He has both gas and electric models for sale, though the gas ones are about $200 cheaper.

The biggest thing for me is dependability. I don't know if one is any more dependable than the other?

A little on our usage...........

We keep our golf cart at a campground where there is a lot of sand and fine dust and our trips are only around 10 or 15 minutes with lots of stopping and starting. So distance is not a major factor.

I also noticed that our electric cart is dog-slow going up hills but that's not so important that I'm willing to spend the hundreds of dollars to upgrade the electric but if dependability is not a factor then maybe gas would be preferable?

Overall it sems to me that wth the electric carts there is less to go wrong but I don't know if that's the case with the 203 models?

Lastly, which is usually cheaper to get worked on in general if I do happen to have a problem?

I know these are hard questions in general and the opinions may vary widely so I'm just looking at your opinion and anything I may be overlooking.

I'll be posting this in both the gas and electric forums. I really appreciate and all answers.

Thank you!!


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We hear this question all the time. There are 2 camps in these forums; the sparkies and the gassers. I have a big blocked CC, a Yamaha G2 and a g1. So, 3 gas carts. When I go to the course, I prefer to use the electrics. I am thinking of getting an old electric and upgrading it. With a gas cart at your camp ground the noise says; "Here I come." With an electric, you say; "Here I am."
How much are you going to have to pay to boot for a newer cart? There are a lot of older gas carts you can buy reasonably that are in good shape. Perhaps, for the price you will have to pay to boot, you could buy a nice little gas cart and get new batteries for your present cart. What could be better than having 2 carts at the camp ground when company comes? Or any other time, for that matter. And if you do not screw with these carts, dependability is their middle name. If you have kids that will be driving your old gas cart you can crank down the governor.
If you do trade for a 2003 electric, you had better be sure you get new or almost new batteries or else you will be in the same shape when you hit those hills you mentioned.


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Gas and electric carts are both very dependable if taken care of. Batteries aren't cheap but neither is gas so that's a wash. I always had gas carts I used at the drag strips until we bought are lake property 7 years ago that only allows electric carts. At first I was hesitant about the electric carts but after having quite a few of them I prefer the electric over gas for my usage. Like COPB mentioned if you decide on a electric cart from a dealer make sure it has new batteries or is priced accordingly...