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I plan to purchase a used golf cart. I am up in the air which would be better to own, a gas or electric cart. I will be using the cart occasionally for dinking around at home(yard work). The cart will be a normal golf cart with a utility box on the back, but not a carryall. I also plan to lift it and put larger wheels and tires on it. Which has more power, a gas or electric cart? Ay advice would be greatly appreciated. I figure this would be the best place to ask, the people who actually own them, not a salesman.


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Both have their advantages and a lot depends on what you use the cart for. As far as stock power, speeds will be the same but more torque with a electric cart in my opinion. No belts to get wet with electric, no gas fumes and no noise. With good batteries you will get approx 2-3 hours of continuous runtime. The advantage with gas is no need to worry about dead batteries.
Cart batteries aren't cheap but if you average out the cost of the batteries and the cost of gas it's pretty equal if you keep your batteries maintained.
Both are very reliable.
These are just my opinions so see what others have to say. Let us know what you buy.


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Thanks for the input. I have been shopping at a local Club Car dealer, and he tells me electric is the way to go. Just as you said, more torque and less things to go wrong. i am leaning toward electric, but I am not excited about the $600 price tag for new batteries. I know there are upgrades for electric motors and higher amp controllers. Has anyone made these mods and were they worth doing? I think Club Car is the way to go.



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I have upgraded my cart with.....well just check my signature at the bottom of my post. Is it worth it? You bet!
22mph on the stock motor and regular diameter tires. Plenty of range also.


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Ok, for those of you who have been monitoring this thread, i made the leap and purchased a 2000 gas cart. I have already purchased a 4 inch lift and accessories for the cart. Pics to follow when I am done. The dealer I purchased the cart from talked me into a 4 inch instead of a 6 inch lift. Hope this ends up being tall enough. I guess we will see once i get it installed.....


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Congrats on the new cart! If you are more comfortable around gas engines then you made the right decision.