gas or electric


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I plan to purchase a used golf cart. I am up in the air which would be better to own, a gas or electric cart. I will be using the cart occasionally for dinking around at home(yard work). The cart will be a normal golf cart with a utility box on the back, but not a carryall. I also plan to lift it and put larger wheels and tires on it. Which has more power, a gas or electric cart? Ay advice would be greatly appreciated. I figure this would be the best place to ask, the people who actually own them, not a salesman.

Greg Moss

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No question about it electric Club Car 48volt. More than enough power for anything you would want to do. I run mine all over the place and with the lift kit it will run pretty fast. We have poker run through neighborhoods with them and I would think you can go 25 miles or so on a charge,maybe more than that. You can sneak up on someone with an electric. With a gasser, they can smell you coming. Gas carts make running noise and they smell. go for the electric. Also there is much more to maintain on a gasser. Oil, Belt,,spark plug, having to go buy gas. Plug the charger in and check the battery water. yep electric for sure.


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Having spent more that 40 years in the automotive repair business, you may be surprised, but I think electric is the way to go. I know some die hard hunters who will argue otherwise, but even in outdoor adventure situations, electric power is good for a long haul. I suspect that sometime in the future that small internal combustion engines will be phased out, but that being said other than the periodic high cost of batteries, I see nothing wrong with going electric. A quality recharger is desirable, especially one that senses when to recharge. A number of people have lift kits and seem to enjoy the rugged appearance they give, but for most applications I think the original ground clearance is more that adequate. My only issue with either type of golf cart is the brakes were designed for 12 mph or less stopping and some sort of hydraulic discs on the front are advantageous. They are available, but are pricey. Good luck.