G9 - Wants to go but won't


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Hi..I have a old G-9 that has run reliably every day for years.

The other day I backed it out of its parking place...no problem...

put it in forward...she started off fine then stalled....(like she was out of gas)

I filled the tank and have not been able to get her to start again.

I turn the key...she fires once...but won't run.

The starter turns the motor but it just won't fire.

There is plenty of battery power...the spark plug is firing full-out...

I'm wondering if maybe there is a fuel line or carb clog from running to the bottom of the tank.

Any suggestions?




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You probably have some dirt in the carburetor. Pull the carb and give it a good cleaning and blow everything out with a compressor. You can pull the gas line off at the carb and crank the engine on the starter to see if the pump is pumping. It might be a good time to replace the fuel filter.