G8 4 cycle backfires when starting


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A year back I had this one in with a stuck exhaust valve and it would backfire. I made the repair and got the cart back to the customer... now it seemed to have the same problem but I checked compression and its at 150-160 psi. Checked the oiler, it's working.
Seems as you start it you need to flutter the pedal to get passed the stumbling part then it runs ok...still as you throttle it up it does backfire slightly.
I put a new air and pre-filter last year so I re-checked that and the air box...seems to be sealed. I looked a the carb, pulled the bowl off and blew it out, looked at the needle/seat looks good. Made the 1.5 turn pilot screw adjustment. Still the same. Started looking at connections...got a better battery cleaned connections there and ground at engine. Looked at all of the plugs for corrosion, sprayed them off, still the same.
Put my VOM on the battery to check starter/gen out put...humm 15.9v-16.4v Had a EZ-Go that was stumbling, backfiring and charging like that it was a volt or so higher (18.2v) and I replaced the voltage regulator, fixed it. Seems it was charging so high it was making the ignitor cut out...
You guys think this could be the same issue here?? Any other ideas appreciated...
Tom Howell Mi.


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I had a similar problem,cart would run real crappy when it was cold, had to use choke to get it moving if it would start at all. I cleaned the carb with no change then spark plug still the same problem. Cart would backfire alot... I changed the magneto in behind the flywheel and the cart runs perfectly now. It has never been better and i never use the choke now to get going even in the cold.