G2E Solenoid circut


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My G2E electric cart suddenly stopped running after it was charged overnight. I checked the solenoid and it works when power is jumped to the contacts.

From what I can determine, the solenoid power is activated at the accelerater pedal. What is the source to the pedal? Is it from the on/off switch? When I checked the on/off switch, power is only on two of the terminals when the key is on. The other terminals do not have power. Could this be where the problem is?

I just have the basic electrical diagram. It only shows two leads at the 'main switch'.

I found two fuses under the seat, both are okay.


Dave J.


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After I posted the question about my solenoid circuit, I went to check the continuity of the wiring. Everything seemed to be a okay.

I hooked up the solenoid, and it worked. I have no idea what could have been the problem, which is aggravating, but at least it is running.