G22 Motor Stops

I have a D&D motor and a GE SX contoller on a G22. When you ride it for awhile the motor stops or reduces to verry little power. The mechanic says that the controller goes into thermal shutdown due to heating up. He installed a fan on the contoller but it still shuts down after riding for awhile. The battery's are brand new. Any ideas?


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I thing the mechanic might be right. Thermal shutdown is pretty common if the cart is stressed by things like full load, hills, lifted, large tires, rear seat and running for long periods.
How do I over come this? It does not have to run long, 15 min or less, to do it. I felt the the contoller it did not feel real hot but the + & - posts on the controller were very very hot. I live in flat terrain and the guy I am buying it from says the slower you go the quicker it shuts. It seems if they sell these motors they have to work without sutting the cart down. I was wondering if it could be a motor and controller compatibilty issue. The motor is a D&D and the controller is a GE SX something. Thanks for any assistance.


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Sounds like ya got a speed motor if it gets worse at slower speeds or ya got a bad connection somewhere.
It definetly is a speed motor, is there anything I can do to stop this or are they made for short fast runs. If so I need to change the motor, do I have to change the contoller also?


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The controller will get hot faster driving a slow speeds and can cause the thermal shutdown faster than driving wide open. If the problem is thermal shutdown a Alltrax controller will take care of the problem. Its' a pretty common problem with the Yamaha electric carts.
Like dirtysouth said check all your connections, especially the cables that are getting hot. It would be a good idea to upgrade ALL the cables to 4 gauge or bigger depending on the motor you have.
The cart is lifted, 4 passenger. Can I have the GE SX controller reprogramed to help with this?If not it sounds like an Alltrax contoller is the direction I will go.

Thanks eveyone for taking the time to help me.


I'm not familiar with the GE SX controller but I don't think there's much you can do about the thermal shutdown without a different controller in the 400-500 amp range. Make sure you check the other things mentioned in the thread before you run out and buy a controller.